Academic Freedom in the Brazilian Constitutional History



Palabras clave:

Academic Freedom, Constitutionalism, Fundamental Rights, Constitutional History, Legal History, Brazil (XIX-XX Century)


This work aims to analyse the principle of academic freedom in Brazilian constitutionalism, throught the lens of Legal History, to understand when this specific rule became part of the set of fundamental rights in Brazil. To do this I will present the parliamentary debates in the Constitutional Assembly in 1934 when it was first mentioned, and the thoughts of certain legal scholars on the subject in the comments on Brazilian constitutions. As results, I present some contemporary issues where this historical approach can be useful.

Enviado el (Submission Date): 18/04/2020

Aceptado el (Acceptance Date): 23/06/2020

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Diego Nunes, UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE Santa Catarina

Professor Adjunto I - Teoria e História do DireitoUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina - UFSC
Centro de Ciências Jurídicas - CCJ
Departamento de Direito - DIR
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Direito - PPGD
Co-líder do Ius Commune - UFSC/CNPqCoordenador de Pesquisa - DIR/CCJ
Tutor do PET Direito UFSC