Development of Constitutional Law on the Territory of Ukranie (IX-XIII Centuries)


  • Oksana Pylypchuk State University of Infrastructure and Technologies


Palabras clave:

constitutional law of Ukraine, Constitution of P. Orlyk, constitutional principles of the Zaporizhia Army, history of law


The article is devoted to the history of formation and development of Ukrainian constitutionalism. It is shown that during the times of Kievan Rus and the Galicia-Volyn principality monarchical states with elements of a democratic state and political regime were formed on Ukrainian lands. It is highlighted that the formation of the Ukrainian nation and its path to its own state was carried out under the conditions of aristocratic democracy of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It is emphasized that the Ukrainian people in the XV century became part of a large European society, which became the basis for the emergence of constitutional ideas in the Ukrainian ethnic lands, the creation of the Cossacks and the revival of their own Ukrainian state in the former Kievan Rus. It is noted that the results of the development of Ukrainian constitutionalism in the eighteenth century was presented in the Constitution of Hetman P. Orlyk in 1710, which became one of the most democratic constitutions in Europe at that time.

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Fecha de aceptación / Acceptance date: 19/04/2021