Jean Jacques Burlamaqui and the theory of social contract


  • Raúl Pérez Johnston Universidad Anáhuac


Palabras clave:

Burlamaqui, contrato social, teoría del Estado


Jean Jacques Burlamaqui (1696-1748) developed an original and revolutionary line of thoughts that comprised not only most of the great institutions of XVIII and XIX century constitutionalism, but also, more contemporary ideas like that of social rights, to give but an example. But scholarship does not seem to give much credit to this author. For the purposes of this work, we will concentrate only in the state of nature and the formation of a political community with the consequences of such association, leaving the international component out of the equation. For that purpose, we will analyze in first instance how men are bound by natural law in the state of nature, how the nature and constitution of men leads them towards abandoning this primitive stage to form a society and a government.

Fecha envío: 22/12/2004
Fecha aceptación: 03/03/2005

Biografía del autor/a

Raúl Pérez Johnston, Universidad Anáhuac

Profesor titular de la cátedra de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Anáhuac, Profesor adjunto de la cátedra de Derecho Constitucional Mexicano de la Universidad Anáhuac, Profesor invitado de Derecho Constitucional y de Historia del Derecho Constitucional en la Universidad de la Sabana y en la Universidad Anáhuac.




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